Project on cement

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Developing a new generation of lower-carbon cements

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Half the cost of a fiber cement board siding job is labor, so you can save thousands of dollars by installing it yourself. A siding pro shows the tools and tricks needed for a weathertight installation.

Camp Logan Cement Works, Inc. is one of the largest producers of precast concrete step treads in the United States. Our precast cement steps fit both wood and steel stringers. 22 Seriously Cool Cement Projects You Can Make At Home. Yet another good project for a silicon ice cube tray.

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The first step to a good masonry project is choosing the right product. But, with such a wide selection how do you decide? Use our guide to put your project on a firm foundation.

10 DIY Home Project Ideas For Your Cement Floors

While often confused as being the same, there is a big difference between concrete and cement. Concrete is normally used.

Project on cement
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