Metapath case

Metapath Software: September 1997, Chinese Version Case Study Memo

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Metapath Software September 1997

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Metapath Software Case Study Solution

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A dominant metapath is a metapath in which (1) it is not possible to remove any edges from the metapath and still have a metapath from the source to the target and (2) it is not possible to remove any of the source elements and still have a metapath from the remaining source elements to the target.

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Package ‘MetaPath’ In the case that MAPE_G (or MAPE_P) detects almost none pathway, the integrative MAPE_I does not improve performance and MAPE_P (or MAPE_G) should be used.

Affy2GeneID 3 References Shen, Kui, and George C Tseng. Meta-analysis for pathway enrichment analysis when combining.

Metapath Software September 1997 Case Study Help - Case Solution & Analysis

Executive summary Metapath Software September General Metapath Software was formed in January Its purpose was to build a software product that.

Metapath case
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