Living in an apartment instead of

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Pros & Cons of an Apartment Vs. a Home

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What’s Cheaper: Full-Time RVing or Renting an Apartment?

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Is Apartment Living Much Simpler Than Home Ownership?

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For those who have more freedom and symbolism, apartment living is probably the best thing. Nov 08,  · This video is unavailable. Watch Queue Queue. Watch Queue Queue. Dec 03,  · After nearly twenty years of homeownership, I’ve spent the past ten months renting an apartment.

I like it. And I don’t. There are pros and cons to renting a place, just as there are pros and cons to owning a home. The number one benefit of living in an apartment is the financial aspect of renting.

10 Cheap Alternative Housing Options

Rent is generally cheaper than a mortgage. In addition to an overall lower monthly payment, other financial components such as upkeep and utilities are generally lower because of the smaller space and the overall responsibility of a landlord/owner versus a tenant.

Between choosing an apartment or living in a hotel, the ideal situation would be that I manage to snag a contract in a city, full-time for at least a year and I can lease an apartment. In % of the times (so far) that I’ve leased an apartment full-time, there has NEVER been a project in my city.

Apartment hunting can be stressful, and living in an apartment isn't always a picnic either. From noisy neighbors to horrible landlords and tight spaces, things can get dicey. But with the right. Also, sometimes the privacy that comes with living in an apartment by yourself or with only one roommate is well worth a little extra money in the form of rent each month.

Essentially, the difference between living in a house or an apartment boils down to two things: price and privacy.

Living in an apartment instead of
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What's Cheaper: Full-Time RVing or Renting an Apartment?