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The Abortion Conversation We Need To Have

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Her writing has appeared in numerous. Katha Pollitt, the author of Virginity or Death!, is a poet, essayist, and columnist for The Nation. She has won many prizes and awards for her work, including the National Book Critics Award for her first collection of poems, Antarctic Traveler, and two National Magazine Awards for Essays and Criticism.

Oct 21,  · Katha Pollitt always writes from a feminist perspective, but not just about specific women’s issues. Of course, the rationale behind her approach is that a feminist perspective is always relevant because any human issue will also affect women.

Katha Pollitt is now a big fan of Hillary Clinton, but she wasn’t always one, as this review of her dreadful book It Takes A Village shows (although the opening is a portent of the future). In the spirit of my earlier reposting of Katha’s polemic on the repeal of welfare, here’s her view of HRC’s pieties from.

Katha Pollitt, author and columnist at The Nation, will open Hamilton College’s new “Writers on Writing” series on Tuesday, Oct.

25, at p.m., in the Red Pit, Kirner-Johnson. Her lecture, which is free and open to the public, is titled “Writing Memoir. Evan interviews Katha Pollitt, award-winning author and columnist for The Nation. Her most recent book, Pro: Reclaiming Abortion Rights, discusses women's reproductive rights.

Evan interviews Katha Pollitt, award-winning author and columnist for The Nation. Her most recent book, Pro: Reclaiming.

Katha polliti
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Open thread for night owls. Katha Pollitt: 'Feminism, not Hugh Hefner, liberated sex'