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Share on Reddit The Guessing Project is an open source subordinate which aims to take academic of Google's Involvement operating system to bring smartphones the same time of security and privacy that careful users have come to take from laptops and desktops.

The Guardian Project is a pilot across Greater Manchester to coordinate care and support for girls and young women (up to 21 years of age) affected by or at risk of female genital mutilation (FGM).

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Orbot is a free proxy app that empowers other apps to use the internet more securely. Orbot uses Tor to encrypt your Internet traffic and then hides it by bouncing through a series of computers around the world.

Take the Guardian – it still offers a platform to criminals like Tony Blair or Killary, while at the same time getting their nickers in a twist over media constructed bogeymen like Tommy Robinson.

Guardian investigation reveals how a small firm of wealth advisers built up a $3bn ‘golden passports’ industry and gained influence in the Caribbean Six months after the murder of journalist. The Guardian Project is designed to take on this community challenge. It will begin by creating a public and private partnership to help pay the enormous cost of developing a comprehensive body.

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If you see something that is inaccurate or can be improved, don't ask that it be fixed--just improve it.

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