Concept of maqasid al syariah

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Maqasid Al Shariah As Philosophy Of Islamic Law: A Systems Approach

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The paper focuses on a general characterisation of maqasid al-shariah and its origins in the Quran: the classification of maqasid; historical developments and the contributions of some of the leading ulama to the theory of maqasid; the differential approaches the ulama have taken toward the identification of maqasid; and finally the relevance.

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Therefore, maqasid al-shariah is the branch of Islamic knowledge that answers all questions of ‘why’ on various levels, such as the following questions: Why is giving charity (zakah) one of Islam’s principle ‘pillars’? What is the Islamic concept. The concept of Syariah Compliant was already established in the A recent study done by Md Salleh et al., () revealed that Syariah Compliant concept is applied based on MS which Maqasid (foundational goals) of Islamic principles which are to pre-serve the religion, life, lineage, intellect, and property.

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‘Izz al-Dîn ‘Abd al-Salâm al-Sulami’s (d. /) renowned work, Qawa’id al-Ahkam, was in his own characterisation a work on ‘maqasid al-ahkam’ and addressed the various aspects of the maqasid especially in relationship to ‘illah (effective cause) and maslahah (public interest) in greater detail.

This book is arguably the most scholarly attempt in the 20th century to develop and apply the theory of maqasid after the magnum opus, Al-Muwafaqat by the master architect of maqasid, Abu Ishaq Al-Shatibi (died ).

Concept of maqasid al syariah
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