Business writing skills course singapore time

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Communication and Writing Skills

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Short Courses

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Offers Apprenticeships Careers KnowledgePass Carry Training At The Engineering Academy, our professional-based training courses allow readers to study and start in a friendly, adiabatic, and interactive environment. After successfully completing this course, you can do the 'Business English Skills Grammar and Writing Level 3' course and be eligible for the Business English Skills (BES) Award Level 3.

In order to get the Business English Skills Award, you must successfully complete the 'Grammar and Writing' and 'Speaking and Pronunciation' courses at the. Nancy prides herself with a mastery of impeccable linguistic skills in communication and in training.

Her grasp of the English language is practical and hands-on in approach.

Power Writing Skills for Executives and Managers

Her professional experience revolves around people, liberating them to become self-assured and confident. The course aims to improve students’ communication skills in a business environment such as making presentations, writing emails, talking on the telephone and contributing in meetings.

Students will also have the chance to converse with a native English speaker on a variety of business related topics thus improving their understanding of. Business Communication Skills Recognition Of Achievement.

If you want to be clear and influential in your written communication, our Business Communication Skills program is for you.

Signature Series

Whether you're writing an email or creating a report or presentation, this program will improve your ability to write for a corporate environment.

Certificate in International Business Mandarin Programme The Certificate in International Business Mandarin (CIBM) programme is specially designed for individuals who wish to improve their Business Chinese proficiency in order to meet the growing trade and business in the China market.

Apply the principles in writing business correspondence Who Should Attend Managers, Executives and Professionals who need to develop the skills of writing good business letters, e-mails, memos, reports and proposals as well as those who have to vet their subordinates’ writing.

Business writing skills course singapore time
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