Abortion harms women

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Abortion and Mental Health: Myths and Realities

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Abortion harms women: what pro-abortion groups never told me

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Summary of Known Health-Risks of Abortion

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If women choose to have an abortion, those who are allowed to obtain one may have better mental health outcomes than those who are denied one, according to a new study.

The results of the study. Dec 14,  · Instead, she said, the research showed that “women denied an abortion have more anxiety, lower self-esteem, less life satisfaction than women who are able to get an abortion.

Thus, central to my eventual opposition to abortion was the dual realization that abortion both harms women’s well-being and that it is antithetical to a genuine feminism — one that recognizes and celebrates the uniqueness of women as women.

The health risks of abortion undermine the false narrative promoted by the abortion industry, namely that the abortion debate requires choosing sides between mothers and their unborn children. The truth is that regulating abortion benefits both mothers and children – even their children in future pregnancies.

Abortion Harms Women

Women Deserve Better than Abortion. Women deserve better options than taking their child’s life and suffering from the devastating physical, psychological, and emotional consequences.

Abortion Psychologically Harms Women Study after study shows that mental suffering often accompanies aborting a child. 13 Studies: Show the presence of a risk of mental disorder in the groups of women who had an abortion compared to those who went through with the birth.

Abortion harms women
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Abortion Harms Women and Destroys Life - Alliance Defending Freedom